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Update 25 - We'll get there when we get there!

Alex Anderson
February 10th, 2021 · 1 min read

This past week has mostly been spent fixing issues involved in the transition between Planetary and Interstellar space. There’s a lot of moving pieces that have to be orchestrated together to make it work right, so a few issues needed to be addressed. It’s looking pretty good. Bonus: I unintentionally created a sweet effect for entering a solar system that looks very similar to Star Wars. Here’s their effect:

Star Wars

And here’s Thorium Nova:

Nova Slowing Down

I’ve also added a distance field to the navigation screen, so you can know how far away objects are from the ship’s position. In the planetary view, it shows kilometers; in the interstellar view it shows lightyears.


This next picture isn’t showing off much that you haven’t seen before. Using the navigation and some careful manipulation of the engines, I was able to navigate my ship to be in visual range to this starbase. It was difficult, because of the distances and speeds involved.


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